At Pizza Farro we think ancient grains are the way of the future, looking back to past civilisations and past eating habits give us an insight into a more harmonious and healthy way of life from a nutritional point of view. At Pizza Farro we want to offer the benefits of Spelt as an ancient grain in a modern day setting.

Spelt’s ancient beginnings saw it cultivated by many early civilisations including the Romans and legend has it the Roman army would eat spelt before going into battle and be sustained by its slow-release energy. In essence, spelt sustained a civilisation and empire.

At Pizza Farro we use 100% Australian Organic Spelt flour for all of our pizza, home-baked bread, focaccia and pasta!

The Spelt grain is a hybrid of Emmer Wheat and Goat Grass. Spelt is by nature a wholefood. Unlike wheat, where vital nutritional bran and germ are usually removed during milling, the vital substances of spelt are found in the inner kernel of the grain. It has a nutty flavour, high nutritional value and is a nourishing alternative to Wheat. While Spelt is not gluten free, it has been proven to be a gentler, less bloating alternative to Wheat grains. One reason for this is its high fibre content, which makes it easier to digest the gluten, as well as helping to lower cholesterol. Spelt is high in B vitamins, manganese and mineral magnesium and also contains vitamin E, potassium and iron. It is a high source of protein and is good for your blood and bones! Its molecular makeup and lower glycemic index helps your body digest the grain slowly, resulting in slow-release energy.